Copy of "Sky Cat" of the air

Updated: Sep 20

Copy of "Sky Cat" of the air

Enter the "Super Sky Cat"... Okay that's not what it's called, but if this plane could be a superhero, it would be a fitting name, I reckon.

The T206 Cessna. Originally known as the "Stationair" (with its relative Cessna planes, the 205 and 207) are a family of single-engine general aviation aircraft with fixed landing gears (previously at one point marketed as "Super Skywagon, and Super Skylane). Cessna itself describes the 206 as "the sport-utility vehicle of the air."

When you take a closer look at the anatomy of the plane, you'll see many amazing features grace its arrangement. It has a powerful engine (This Sky Cat really knows how to purr), has a rugged framework, and a large cabin which has made these popular for "bush planes."

Today, Classic Flights/Learn to Fly provides the Cessna 206 its current home

stationed at Wanaka Airport, nestled in a hangar with several other metal birds that await every morning to be let out and released to fly, carrying its customers to skyward adventures within the artful terrain of Wanaka and the rest of New Zealand.

But what makes this plane so singular and novel? Other than the fact that it seats 6 people (5 passengers and the pilot), the T206 is an accommodating "family hauler" airplane that is perfect for group setting adventurists who want to mutually experience the pleasure of flying together. It allows for aerial indulgence at a speed that air sails at 175 knots. The capacity for skyward presentation with this beauty T206 is an uncorrupted gliding romance that will have passengers walking away with a deepened sense of indebtedness to the quality of aerial display whilst visiting us.

Its interior is leather seating, with a beautifully set up navigational system that interlinks as a driving force, which helps with the course plots of our conducted scenic flights. Although this plane is not to be mistaken to that of a sport airplane as it is fairly "truck-like" in nature with forceful power. It is hefty and has quite the torque. One thing that is unforgettable about this aircraft is its smoothness in flight; you could say that it is lithe and slick in execution.

When you're looking to get things done, the T206 (which could also be considered as an air-taxi) is the plane to do it. It is a utility airplane in its truest sense that earns its keep. If you're looking for a beautiful flight experience with your family, the roomy interior of this plane is very accommodating to say the least, along with its upholstered, cushy and crafty leather seating, this Sky Cat is your go to for the job, while also helping you fly in high style.