Milford Sound has long called adventurers to its magnificent fiords and waterfalls. The epitome of natural beauty, Milford Sound earned the awe of Rudyard Kipling who claimed it to be the Eighth Wonder of the World.

We will take you deep into the glorious wilderness of the sounds, to places inaccessible by boat or foot. Explore legendary waterfalls from your vantage on high, and view the mighty fiords at their best from the air. The choice is yours, land and do a short walk, enjoy a scenic cruise or just take in the marvels from the sky - this is your adventure into New Zealand's natural wonderland.

Milford Sound Natural Wonders

    • Flyover (Allow 2 hours) - $435.00

    • Flight & Landing (Allow 3 hours) - $455.00

    • Flight & Cruise (Allow 5 hours) - $535.00